Life is all about colors

Maryam’s paintings are inspired by her childhood memories of her mother painting vibrant flowers with her, her travels, and her mentors, to name a few: Nima Petgar (RIP), a well known Persian painter and sculptor best known for his contemporary paintings and sculptures, and Babak Etminani who influenced her with his use of bold colors and fluid style of painting. She recalls how she loved attending the art sessions despite her busy schedule while attending medical school in her native city of Tehran.
Then came the artist’s block which lasted over 20 years. “The struggles of immigration and learning a new language and culture and the demanding nature of medicine and motherhood left me uninspired to paint. I didn’t draw a line for over 20 years. I just couldn’t. So I let go.

Then I started yoga. And one day as I was meditating I remembered how great I felt when I used to paint. Those days were amongst the best memories of my life. As we (students) all sketched a moving model in an abstract fashion and at the end everyone’s painting was different. That’s the beauty of abstract art.

I had to start. I went and got canvas / paint and all the other supplies and started that day.By night I had started 2 paintings and I knew I never stop painting again.” She remembers.

Maryam’s work is best described as abstract mixed media.

She likes to experiment with textures and colors and different methods of painting. Her pieces are ranging from minimalistic to layered, made of lots of additions and subtractions of colors and textures.

“I never know when a painting is done until I’m done.I don’t plan my paintings, I let them tell me their stories.”


Her work is intuitive and her focus is on healing aspects of art for both the artist and the audience alike.

“I want my audience to feel the movement, color and depth in my paintings, and feel the joy that I had while creating them. Art needs to make that connection. I believe in the connection that exists beyond canvas.”

She is a family physician and has called Macon, GA home for the past 20 years where she lives with her husband and two sons.


  • Private Collection, Seattle WA
  • Private Collection, Savannah GA
  • Private Collection, Potomac MD
  • Private Collection, Atlanta GA
  • Private Collection, Macon GA
  • Private Collection, San Diego CA
  • Private Collection, Kettering OH
  • Private Collection, Raleigh NC


  • 2016  Group exhibition ,Celebrating Art Macon , Gallery 6010   Macon, GA
  • 2016  Group exhibition ,Celebrating Art Macon , Stratford Connections Art Exhibit   Macon, GA
  • 2017  Group exhibition ,Celebrating Art Macon , Gallery 6010   Macon GA
  • 2017 Group exhibition , Celebrating Art  Macon , Stratford Connection Art Exhibit   Macon, GA
  • 2018 Solo exhibition , Travis Jean Emporuim Macon, GA

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